McDonald’s McSpicy is making an exciting comeback!

Have you heard the news? McDonald’s McSpicy is making an exciting comeback!

Want something deliciously intense to slice through your boredom? Wait no further as McDonald’s spices up your day as it brings back the well-loved McSpicy — in Original and Garlic Parmesan flavors!

Available for a limited time only, McSpicy is just what you need to pique your taste buds. Imagine a thick, juicy cutlet of fiery hot crispy chicken topped with creamy mayo and fresh lettuce, ensconced between toasted sesame seed buns.

For an added punch, McSpicy also brings back the crowd-favorite Garlic Parmesan flavor, a mouthwatering chicken sandwich that’s spiced just right and smothered with delicious garlic parmesan sauce. Garlic Parmesan McSpicy amazingly combines sweet, tangy, and spicy in one sizzling hot bite that will keep you asking for more.

To add a kick to your McSpicy, enjoy it with Honey Butter Shake Shake Fries (that’s also making a comeback!) by upgrading your McSpicy meal.

McSpicy in Original and Garlic Parmesan will be available starting September 14, during regular hours and across all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide . You can also order via McDelivery by logging on to!

Whether you’re out for a quick snack or you want a meal to share with friends, McDonald’s McSpicy will surely give you the kind of spice you want. What are you waiting for? Grab it while it’s hot, and share with us how the McSpicy spiced up your day! Check out McDonald’s official Facebook page at or drop by @mcDo_PH on Instagram and
Twitter for more details!


Last month I joined an IG giveaway. It was a post-valentines giveaway from Mr. Adrian Benipayo, Love Desserts Triple Date Contest. It was a collaboration with McDonald’s Philippines. For the love of McDo I tried and joined the contest. Here is my entry:


This post made it! I won!!! I was so excited that I replied as soon as I got their email. My original plan is to treat my 4 sissies and my mom for a post-valentine treat, but due to their busy schedules I get to bring with me my prettiest sissy –  Anni, (sorry girls! haha), my mom, my nephew, hubby, and my 2 kids.

I chose to claim my McDonald’s triple date at their Greenbelt Branch. When I arrived this is what greeted me.


Isn’t it so sweet? The personalized greeting was so cute, I even brought it home. 20160302_140759

After awhile our food was served. Of course! With their latest #McDoLoveDesserts

  • Red Velvet McFloat
  • Strawberry Kiss Oreo
  • Choc Nut McDip


My family surely enjoyed my post-valentines day treat! Definitely a #LoveKoTo Moment.


I would like to thank the persons who made this day possible:

To Mr. Adrian Benipayo@adrianbenipayo
To Miss Elise of EON @elisemaog
To Sir JM of McDonald’s Greenbelt

How about you mommies, you got any #McDoLoveDesserts Moment? Comment down and share.