To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool? That is the question.

I have been battling with this question for half a year now. It started when I got this job as a Virtual Assistant. My first project was for the company’s grand event about homeschooling. As I go on and with work, I came to meet mommies who are homeschooling. I was very surprised that it was a big group. That here in the Philippines, many families are into homeschooling.
By then, my 3 year old was enrolled in our barangay’s day care center. I enrolled him because wanted him to become more sociable. As he grew up from a baby to a toddler he became more attached to me, became more shy and gets easily scared specially if left alone. He doesn’t want to go to school. Most of the times he was there he would just stare blankly at anything inside the room. He doesn’t like to join their school’s activity, doesn’t like to participate in class and sometimes he slept during class. Haha. But even if he is always absent, he still recalls the lessons taught to him.
With this, i thought “Maybe I can homeschool him.” I then talked to hubby and explained to him our situation. He agreed and promised to support my decision. So, I started to homeschool at first it was OK, but then I got frustrated because I thought I may not be able to teach him well, that when I will be given a full work load I might forget my responsibility to teach him, and so many other thoughts that leaves me undecided.
There are times that when we have a heart-to-heart talk, he would agree to going to school. but most of the time he would say that he doesn’t like to go to school. Even his older sisters can’t convince him of going to school. Sigh. I am really having a hard time deciding on what to do. With my two daughters, I didn’t have a hard time. I think this is maybe because I got introduced to homeschooling. As the new school year is fast approaching, this thought is bothering me a lot. I basically have no idea how to homeschool. Where do I start? What should I teach a 4-year-old?
Mommies, can you help me out? What do you suggest? I only want the best for my kids.

Gift of your Hair 2016

YES! I did it! 🙂

It was a very exciting day for me. I was overjoyed and full of excitement as I am on my way to Makati Medical Center. I never had second thoughts of having my hair cut of up to 8″. On my way to the auditorium, people already know that I am on my way to the Auditorium to give my hair. And people are very happy upon hearing that ‘yes. I am.’ At the auditorium, people will be greeted by two tables for registration.


Upon registration, we are asked to have our BEFORE shot, showing our long hair and then wait for our turn for the haircut. There are atleast 10 stylists from David’s Salon.


Finally, my turn! 🙂

There goes my 8″.

After cutting 8″ from my hair, the stylist (Gem), asked me what haircut I want. But I don’t know what would look nice on me. She suggested layered cut. So, layered it is.


Thank you to my stylist Miss Gem. I love my new look.


They line up the collected hairs, to show others how grateful they are to those who gave a part of them, to share to people who are battling the big C.

Every participant were given a certificate and a bag of goodies!

The experience I had was nothing beyond compare. My emotions are all mixed-up from happiness, sadness, thankful, excited and blessed. I vowed to myself that I will support this movement yearly. Makati Medical Center started this advocacy last year and yes, they are planning to do it again next year.
To my fellow mommies, hopefully you will join me next year. Keep your hair healthy and long. 🙂

Ladies out there! Are you planning to cut your hair short this summer? Why not have it cut and help a cause.

 give your hair.png

The Makati Medical Center – Cancer Center will be holding a one-day event FREE hair cutting and styling by David’s Salon.  It will be on April 27, 2016 at 8th Floor Tower 2, Auditorium. The event will start at 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Here are a few details for the hair types allowed during the event.


For inquiries and registration you may call Makati Medical Center-Cancer Center at 8888-999 local 7122 or email

This is a very good cause to help people who have been battling with the Big C. So ladies, if you are interested, contact them now to register and hope to see you there! 🙂


A book to Sleep: On The Move

Yesterday, I was thinking of what would be a nice first blog? I can’t think of anything else to share except for the upcoming Lenten Activities for Holy Week 2016.
But as I put my little one to sleep – yes, my youngest, we call him Raix, turning 4 next month – and as I choose a book that I will read to him, I thought, this would be a nice first post in our – another yes, I am sharing this blog site with my siblings – blog site.
I chose this new book, we just bought it last month from BookSale. It is a Pop and Play book, entitled ON THE MOVE. When I showed it to Raix he was so happy and immediately asked me to pay for it so we can bring it home. He probably got attracted to the cute animals.
Now, we are on the move! First, we go Up, up, and AWAY! He named all the things that can fly in this page. He called the spaceship – rocket, and the hot air balloon – big balloon. He assigned the monkey as the pilot of the yellow airplane.

Next, we sailed an ocean on a pirate’s ship. “Ahoy, there!” It has a pirate’s flag and the elephant drives our ship.While under the sea, Mr. Dog is travelling in a yellow submarine! I taught him the difference of a boat from a ship, a yacht and of course the submarine. Plus! We counted the little fishies.

After the seas, Off We Go! to the busy streets of the city. There we saw a fast, red sports car, a purple car, a police car, a fire engine, a truck, a small car and a train. I also checked if he can determine the different animals on the cars. Then he popped the alligator on the sports car and the cat on the fire engine.

And for our last stop. We watched the Hard Workers. This time we ran out of animal pilots (he doesn’t like to get from the previous pages, hehe). He liked it because of the trucks. He was able to point the three white delivery vans, and which among them is different and the same. He recalled seeing that kind of trucks on the streets.

Reading him a book before going to sleep was a routine when he was younger. He became uninterested with reading and played more with his toys. But, now that he is entering school life, I wanted to teach him to love reading just like Mommy.
This is the first of the many books we will read.
Mommies, can you recommend a good book to us?