Introducing Taxumo’s New Service: Taxumo Consult

TAXUMO would like to announce that they have a new ancillary service called Taxumo Consult.

Taxumo Consult is where current and aspiring business owners, professionals and freelancers can book calls with our resident business coaches (accounting and tax professionals). Each call is at $10 (or Php 550) that can be paid using PayPal.

For those without a PayPal account, they can email and use subject “Taxumo Consult — their name” and ask about bank payments. Each call is at 30 minutes. For calls that will possibly take longer, client has to book 2 or more time slots.

They’ve noticed that this is a service that their users have been requesting for the longest time. We really hope that Taxumo Consult will help in educating the mass majority of business owners / entrepreneurs / professionals about taxation.

Also, if you know of any freelance accountants who want to join the Tax Consult program, please let them know that they can submit their CVs to . They are looking for BIR accredited CPAs.

Thank you! Please do let us know if you have any questions! 🙂
File away! #WorryLessAboutTaxes #TaxesPH

12 thoughts on “Introducing Taxumo’s New Service: Taxumo Consult”

  1. My husband is currently in the process of transitioning from a full time office job to a full time homebased job as a freelancer. So he really needs to have consultation regarding the changes that have to be made on his taxes. Will advise him about this. 🙂

  2. oh this looks like a good service! I’m helping out manage my husband’s design business and this would be very helpful lalo na with accounting and tax questions. thanks for sharing, mommy!

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