This last week of July, McDonald’s launched a new set of toys.

Hurry and collect 8 new toys!

We just completed the ChoroQ set of toys! Yey!!!

Watch out for Raix’ review at his YouTube Channel.

Hurry! Head on over to the nearest McDonald’s and get these cool toys now! 🙂

2 thoughts on “McDONALD’S HAPPY MEAL 2018: CHOROQ and My Melody”

  1. I am not familiar with those toys but one thing I am sure of, they bring so much joy to kids.
    It was my three-year-old’s birthday yesterday and we went to a fast food store. He is so excited with the thought of it plus he jumped up and down when his papa bought him a toy on display. Such pure bliss.

  2. Ang cute talaga ng toys ng mga McDo Happy Meal. We collect them too occasionally. I really am excited about the My Melody ones coz favorite ko si My Melody. 🙂

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