A book to sleep: Diego and Marie

Our second blog entry for A Book to Sleep. The first book we read was entitled On the Move. This time we read a book from Adarna House. 13720584_1081133035300933_66489231_o I got this book as a giveaway from our previous event with Educating for Life, it is a group that promotes homeschooling. 🙂

This book is actually for children ages 6 and above, but since we read his old books over and over, I thought I can read it to him at least for a night. (We read this almost a month ago.)

This book will bring your kids to 5 different places.

The characters of the story are Marie (a cat) and Diego (a goat). These two are close friends. The story begins as this two starts to play a guessing game. Marie thought of a place that Diego will never ever guess. Marie tells Diego that this place is warm and cozy. Her friend’s first guess was the Restaurant’s Kitchen.


He told Marie that is the warmest place he had ever been. But Marie said that it’s not that place, the kitchen is way too hot. Next clue she gave was that it has a bell-ringing sound. Diego thought of a place he’d been with a bell-ringing sound. And he led her to it.


Diego brought Marie to the church because it has ringing bells! But, he was still wrong. The church’s bells rings too loud, and can’t be Marie’s home.


Diego said that the game was too hard. Marie gave him another clue. It is warm, has a bell-ringing sound and is covered with hair. (‘Can you imagine now what’s this place?’ ) 😉 

Next stop is the Barber Shop. Diego said that it has chimes that rings and blowers that heats and there are hairs on the floor.


Still, Diego’s answer is wrong. Marie told him that her place has white hair not black. She gave her last clue — it gives her milk!

Diego finally knew what place he is guessing. He showed Marie the ice cream cart in the street. Diego said that ice creams have milk and the sweetest. It also has a bell that rings. But no warmth and white hair.


Finally, Diego gave in. He can’t seem to guess a place that has milk, warmth, white hair and a bell that rings. Marie gave Diego one last clue. This place smells exactly like her.

Diego smelled her and said Marie smelled like powder. Just then his nose caught the same smell. A mommy cat slowly came by.


“A place can also be a spot like the arms of mom!”

This story will bring your kid around the community as they use their five senses. The sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

Raix enjoyed the story. We read this for almost a week and not only before going to sleep. 😀  He was pretty attached with the barber shop. Which also helped me to convince him to have his hair cut before the start of classes.

Mommies, for the whole story you may go check this Adarna Book on any local bookstores. Till our next book to sleep.

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