Gift of your Hair 2016

YES! I did it! 🙂

It was a very exciting day for me. I was overjoyed and full of excitement as I am on my way to Makati Medical Center. I never had second thoughts of having my hair cut of up to 8″. On my way to the auditorium, people already know that I am on my way to the Auditorium to give my hair. And people are very happy upon hearing that ‘yes. I am.’ At the auditorium, people will be greeted by two tables for registration.


Upon registration, we are asked to have our BEFORE shot, showing our long hair and then wait for our turn for the haircut. There are atleast 10 stylists from David’s Salon.


Finally, my turn! 🙂

There goes my 8″.

After cutting 8″ from my hair, the stylist (Gem), asked me what haircut I want. But I don’t know what would look nice on me. She suggested layered cut. So, layered it is.


Thank you to my stylist Miss Gem. I love my new look.


They line up the collected hairs, to show others how grateful they are to those who gave a part of them, to share to people who are battling the big C.

Every participant were given a certificate and a bag of goodies!

The experience I had was nothing beyond compare. My emotions are all mixed-up from happiness, sadness, thankful, excited and blessed. I vowed to myself that I will support this movement yearly. Makati Medical Center started this advocacy last year and yes, they are planning to do it again next year.
To my fellow mommies, hopefully you will join me next year. Keep your hair healthy and long. 🙂

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